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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I do it?

Yes! Start it now!
Bikram says “You’re never too old. You’re never too sick. It’s never too late to start from scratch and do yoga!”

I'm not flexible...

Rest assured – you’re normal! This is just what you need! Yoga isn’t about being able to turn yourself inside out, it will improve your mobility and flexability as you move through life. It’s not about depth in the postures, but by trying them the right way you will receive 100% of the benefits.

I'm not very fit...

No problem! Yoga is perfect for beginners and the more experienced alike. Each posture combines strength and balance as well as flexability, and you will work to your ability on any given day. Your whole body receives a great workout from your bones to your skin. Your fitness will increase class by class and you will be surprised at how quickly you feel stronger and more energised.

Am I too old?

No! This is a common misconception – yoga is suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes. Everyone can improve their health and vitality. Give it a try and see how good you feel.

I'm overweight...

Great news – a regular practice dramatically aids weight loss! The heated room warms your muscles, burning fat more effectively, and the postures assist in regulating your internal systems and metabolism.

Why is it hot?

The yoga room is heated to 39oC in order to warm your body, allowing you to move safely and more deeply into the postures giving you faster results. The heat promotes detoxification, improves circulation and provides optimum conditions to improve your body’s internal systems functioning levels.
The environment is challenging – it will increase your physical and mental strength, concentration, self confidence, mobility, endurance and stamina. When your body is functioning properly, your mind and your life become easier, more peaceful and happy.

What benefits will I experience?

Lose weight
Reduce stress and anxiety
Gain energy
Increase flexibility and mobility
Build strength and stamina
Heal injuries
Improve sleep quality
Improve mental clarity & self confidence
Improve circulation, respiratory function, cardiovascular health, nervous system and spinal health