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About BYB

Our Studio & Our Amazing Teachers


Bikram Yoga Bayside is a warm, inviting studio, full of natural light and a positive energy.

We’re located at 3/309-313 Warrigal Road Cheltenham.

We’re only a few minutes by car from Southland Shopping Centre, DFO Cheltenham or the beach… so you can easily go for a swim or walk before or after class!



In 2014 my dad took me to my first Bikram Yoga class. I immediately loved it and over the next 2 years it helped me achieve a clear mind, physical and mental flexibility and strength.

I am now passionate to share the freedom of a clear state of mind with every student, in a safe space where you can get undone and learn to fall in love with yourself.

Dawn McKiernan

Yoga Instructor

After 20+ years of attending regular yoga classes, Dawn found her ever-growing interest in body, mind and spirit draw her towards a more in-depth study of Yoga and became a fully qualified Yoga teacher.  She attained her 500YTT in Hatha Yoga as well as 200YTT in Yin Yoga, a post graduate in Yoga and continues attending regular teacher trainings, constantly increasing her own knowledge and experience so that she may share it with others.

Sharing her passion for Hatha, Yin Yoga & Vinyasa, Dawn’s classes are about breath, movement, safe anatomical alignment, awareness and joy.  Her aim is to help people find their own journey with Yoga and become connected within themselves to peel back the layers to find happiness, to feel good and blissfully alive…  Yoga is for everyone, and Dawn loves to teach to the individual student to help them grow, learn and experience the benefits of their own practice.


Yoga Instructor

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga for 7 years; I fell in love with the practice immediately and wanted to become a teacher. With 2 young boys I had to set a long term goal and eventually completed TT in 2015.

I love what the yoga has done for me and my family; I love the physical, mental & emotional release I experience every time I am in the hot room. This is what I try and share every time I teach.


Yoga Instructor

Just come to Australia as a young boy I suffered from tremendous stress and depression from having a new life in Australia .

This was so severe that I had to stay in mental hospital for treatments. I had all the drugs and therapy, but nothing worked. There were times I had the thought of committing  suicide, until one day a nurse sat down with me and suggested that I should give Meditation a go.

‘It was up to me to do it… it was the easiest fix if I had a belief in myself and the hardest if I did not’ is what she said.

Through determination and strong belief, I eventually healed myself by learning mediation and yoga. All my yoga study was from USA (Bikram and Baron Baptiste Institute) and meditation from Dr Ian Gawler who used meditation to heal terminal cancers.

So that was how my yoga and Mediation began.

Yoga is a a form of moving mediation. It helps to bring the body in ideal state so the Body can heal itself.

Yoga is not just a physical exercise but it is away to bring mind , body and soul spirit coming together. I am most passionate about hot yoga as you sweat the body’s toxins and cleanse the soul.

I am blessed to see the change in the state of my students ‘s mind and well being after the class and how they feel about themselses.

There is a saying when you feel better about your self your will treat the others and the world better, and yoga can make this to happen… it is Magical.



Yoga Instructor

I have worked in the Health & Fitness industry for over 25 years, mainly in the NYC area. I initially began to practice “Hot” Yoga to help improve my flexibility. I was immediately drawn to the strength, discipline and athleticism of Bikram Yoga. As my practice grew, so did my realization that the benefits of yoga were so much more than the physical; there was a deeper “inner” practice. Thankfully, I also discovered Yin Yoga and Meditation, the perfect complements to my very “Yang” lifestyle.

Yoga has shifted my Type A “goal-oriented” philosophy to one of greater acceptance and presence in my own body.

“Yoga has made me much more aware of the possibilities of the human body, as well as the resiliency of the human spirit. My yoga teaching has strengthened my practice and the two continue to work in tandem. I believe all people can benefit from a regular yoga practice; as a teacher I try to provide every individual the opportunity to discover their personal best ”


Yoga Instructor

I went to my first Bikram class having never practiced any yoga before in my life. I had no idea what to expect all I knew was that it was hot and challenging. I was at a stage in my life where I was feeling very sad and unhappy I was looking for a new outlet, not to mention I could not even touch my toes so I thought I’d give yoga a go.

From my first class I was completely addicted. The mental and emotional focus in that room was unlike any thing I had experienced before, they say it’s like an open eye moving meditation and that exactly what I experienced. Your brain can be like a crazy wild child, thoughts spinning around, work, family, friends, stress the constant chatter of your internal world it can be tiring, the hot room let’s you free your mind, the focus is on you, your breath and your body … IT. WAS. AWESOME.

I knew within 3 months I knew I wanted to teach this amazing practice. Still being very new to yoga I wanted to build up my personal practice and knowledge of yoga before becoming a teacher so I practiced as often as possible for two years then finally headed off to teacher training in Thailand 2014.
Now 5 years since my first class I have a diploma in traditional Hatha yoga and a diploma in Bikram yoga, I’ve taught in different studios around Australia and even in some unusual places like Kenya!

Becoming a teacher has been the most rewarding experience, being able to share these healing qualities of the practice with others watching people transform, physically, mentally and emotionally is exactly why I get up on that podium. I love that class is always the same yet every day is different, it’s humbling, I consider myself a student first, then a teacher.

Practicing what I preach is important to me so that I can teach from my heart using my own experiences to help you get the most from your practice each and every class to help you become the best version of YOU!

Mike Alford

Yoga Instructor

My name is Mike, I’m originally from Ontario, Canada, but have been traveling and teaching Bikram yoga in Australia over the past few years. Bikram yoga has been a huge part of my life for several years and I love being able to share its countless and incredible benefits with others. As an instructor, I aim to build a positive and encouraging atmosphere where practitioners can feel welcome to recharge, relax, heal, strengthen, or simply enjoy their time in the hot room.


Yoga Instructor

I started practicing Bikram yoga in 2010 and it changed my life. Since then I couldn’t imagine my life with out it. It keeps me balanced, happy and healthy. I started teaching in 2012. It’s such a joy to guide people along in their journey of this amazing yoga.


Yoga Instructor

Andrea is a focused & determined Bikram Yoga teacher and pole dance instructor. When she first started Bikram Yoga in 2008, she thought she might die from the heat! But enticed by the mental challenge, she persisted – gradually discovering the benefits of injury rehabilitation, improved hydration, and the best sleeps of her life. In April 2015, Andrea and her husband, Steve, travelled to Thailand for teacher training in hopes of furthering their knowledge and encouraging others to find their healthiest & happiest selves. With a focus on specificity in the postures and a sympathetic approach, Andrea’s goal is to guide others through the lifelong journey of Bikram Yoga, giving her students a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment!

Lina Torossi

Yoga Instructor

I started to practice Bikram Yoga in the beginning of 2010 in Amsterdam. I was searching for more peace in my mind, body & life. I just changed from a “study & party” life, to a “working” life. It was a tough time. I didn’t know who I was, where I belonged, what made me happy. I still remember the feeling I had after the very first lesson: “ Wauw…..this is amazing! I feel so exhausted, sweaty and wet on the one hand, but on the other I feel satisfied, love and a strong calmness.”

I thought: “I really have to do this again soon!” So I went again after 2 weeks, and this time I experienced the same and I left the yoga studio with a big smile. From that time on I kept returning. In the beginning, I practiced once a week, that became twice after 6 months, then 3-4 times after 1,5 year, even 5 times after 2,5 years….. And after 3,5 years I did a 100-day challenge and I felt really great! When I practiced Bikram Yoga, the light inside of me started to glow again. Faintly at first, and slowly, slowly, slowly, it became stronger. I felt the power. I felt more alive. I gained feelings of self-worth, step-by-step. I began seeing my body as a temple, something precious I needed to take care of.

I went to Teacher Training in Spring 2015 and quitted my job with a Dutch Bank. After finishing the Training I started travelling and teaching Bikram Yoga in Asia and Australia. It was a real adventure, sometimes difficult & tough and sometimes easy & fun. I learned a lot about myself, meeting many students and teachers, teaching in different studio’s and visiting tropical countries. In 1,5 years I visited Thailand, Singapore, The Philippines, Indonesia & Australia and I have taught in 20 different studio’s. I was a travelling teacher… till I met a very special person about a year ago. My world stopped and suddenly I knew that faith had found me. I was teaching in a studio in NSW and there I met my now called ‘husband’. He was on a holiday by himself but lives in Mornington. To make a long story short, we got married and now live happily together in Mornington. So funny how life can just change if you are open to it. I really believe that Bikram Yoga has made me a more open and conscious person than before. I love practicing and if I could I would practice it every day.

As a teacher I like to teach a class the way I like to practice it. Full of energy, love, consistent, strong, calming and always ending with a satisfied & grateful feeling.

Looking forward to see you in the hot room!